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Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Published 1935

Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: the building of Norris Dam in Tennessee; an automobile racing an ice boat across a lake in Mt. Clemens, Michigan; gasoline economy tests on Detroit streets; women showing off their hairstyles in an automobile moving along New York City streets; the Soap Box Derby at Dayton, Ohio; and a miniature dog riding in the glove compartment of an automobile in San Francisco.

Run time 1 reel
Producer Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W



Trumpet fanfare;
Title Card: "Chevrolet Leader News" superimposed over trumpets.

Title Card: "Tennessee Valley" over TVA project.

Tennessee Valley Authority. High shot construction site in Tennessee Valley with pulleys and cables above. Workers climbing up ladder on wall of dam. VS dam under construction. ECU wheels of anchor cars roll slowly across railroad tracks (walls of dam and mountains in BG). U.S.T.V.A. ambulance parks in front of building; man emerges and walks toward office. Steam shovel pivots, ready to dump load into dump truck. Man welding railroad rail. Steam shovel emptying rocks into truck which sags under the load; truck drives off. Man loading steel rail into bed of pickup truck (tires in BG). CU headlights and grill of pickup truck. VS trucks driving through construction site. High shot construction site in Tennessee Valley with pulleys and cables above.

Title Card: "Mount Clemens, Michigan" over car and ice boat racing on frozen lake.

Automobile and ice boat race across lake. VS automobile and ice boat racing across frozen lake; CU ice boat.

Title Card: "Detroit" over gas sloshing in vacuum gauge

Gasoline gauge mounted on windshield of automobile. CU gas gauge (resembling lantern). CU 2 men talking in front seat of moving automobile, one writes on clipboard as other drives. CU man writing on clipboard, leans forward and checks gas gauge mounted on windshield. Automobile pulls to stop at curb, camera zooms in for ECU of gas gauge.

Title Card: "New York City" over 3 women in back seat of moving car.
Promotional newsreel sponsored by General Motors. Several women driving in automobile; showing off hairstyles. 3 women in back seat of moving automobile. Male hairstylist combing back of woman's hair in beauty parlor. CU women turning around to show off hair styles. Several women, dressed in evening clothes, getting into car (assisted by uniformed men) as crowd looks on; car pulls from curb. ECU blonde woman seated beside open car window. Automobile, with several women passengers, driving on residential street. 5 women in moving car (as seen through front windshield from hood mounted camera).

Title Card: "Dayton, Ohio" over 2 boys building soap box derby car.

Soap box derby competition. 2 boys building (hammering) wooden soap box car in garage; pick up wheels and attach them; turn car over car, setting it upright. Boy picks up rope, cuts it, and both tie it to front axle. Several boys with wooden soap box cars pulling them down crowd-lined street. Soap box cars at starting line; cars take off slowly. VS cars racing down crowd-lined raceway. CU boy seated in car. CU boy wearing goggles. 2 men in speeding soap box car. Dog (German Shepherd) running down raceway. Man waving flag at finish line as cars race by and crowd watches.

Title Card: "San Francisco" over puppy perched on open glove compartment door.

Girl places small dog in glove compartment of automobile. CU young, smiling girl getting into automobile with dog (poodle) in arms; seated in front seat as woman gets into driver's seat. Girl opening glove compartment; placing poodle in it (leaving compartment open). CU pup peering from glove compartment, backing into it, then trying to step out of it. Car pulls from curb in front of fancy house.

Newsreels Automobiles Transportation Sports Winter Ice Boats Lakes Frozen Boating Racing Competition Winter Sports Stunts Construction SitesT.V.A. Project Public Works Projects Tennessee Valley Authority Dams Pulleys Cables Workers, Construction Ladders Railroad Tracks Mountains Transportation Ambulances Steam Shovels Shovels, Steam Machinery, Construction Equipment, Construction Trucks, Dump Dump Trucks Rocks Pickup Trucks Trucks, Pickup Headlights, Truck Automobiles Transportation Gasoline Gauges Mileage, Gas Lanterns (appearance of) Clipboards Driving Windshields, Automobile Gauges, Gasoline Vanity Women, Vain Automobiles Transportation Snobbery Hairstylists Combing (woman's hair) Beauty Parlors Styles, Hair Uniformed Men Windows, Car Blondes Driving Fashions GenderÊRoles Newsreels Hammering Tools Soap Box Derby Cars Cars, Soap Box Derby Competitions Racing, Soap Box Garages Boys (building go-cart) Rope Streets, Crowd-Lined Spectators Crowds Starting Lines Goggles Dogs (German Shepherd) German Shepherds Animals Waving, Flag Flag Waving Sports Hobbies Girls, Young Children Automobiles Transportation Poodles Dogs (Poodles) Glove Compartments Houses, Attractive Oddities Stunts Animals Driving DAMS TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY NORRIS, TENNESSEE NEW DEAL PUBLIC WORKS TVA CONSTRUCTION HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRUCKS CONCRETE GENERATORS VANS CHEVROLET ADVERTISING NEWSREELS ROCK ICE RACES LAKES MOUNT CLEMENS MT. CLEMENS MICHIGAN SAILING STUNTS GASOLINE ENERGY FUEL ECONOMY DETROIT STREETS MEN WORKERS HAIR STYLES MODELS WOMEN FASHION SOAP BOX DERBY CHILDREN AUTOMOBILES MODELS HOBBIES DAYTON OHIO TEENAGERS ADOLESCENTS BOYS FADS CULTURE 1930S GIRLS MINIATURE DOGS GLOVE COMPARTMENTS ODDITIES HUMOR STYLISTS



Reviewer: bestlab - - May 5, 2013
Subject: I was born in1936
These are the greatest - shows how being PC is so borrring -- still browsing for more - found a half dozen so far - chevy bow tie culture is timeless - James Dean's spirit has been resurrected
Reviewer: JayKay49 - - April 13, 2012
Subject: A Chevy On Lake St Clair
That segment shows ice fishing shanties on the lake. Heck my grandfather and dad may have been out there in one of 'em...thats where they used to take that old thing. We still had it 20 yrs later..that is until a gale came up one night, cracked the ice ...and down she went.

Winters were definitely longer and more persistently sub freezing in those days. I cant imagine driving fishing or even skating out on that ice these days.

The rest of this newsreel is ho-hum; there were better ones.
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - August 25, 2008
Subject: Jam Handy ROCKS!!!

Seriously though, it's more fun than a Kuriboh!
Reviewer: Robin_1990 - - April 22, 2008
Subject: Good Fun!
Nice footage of 1930's lifestyles. Very Entertaining and Very Retro! Thanks Rick!
Reviewer: Christian_With_NES - - June 5, 2007
Subject: Great for Stock Footage
I used clips from this film is a video I uploaded to YouTube. Also, It's quite fun to watch. I'd rather watch this than the overrated "Perversion for Profit".
Reviewer: Christine Hennig - - January 26, 2005
Subject: All the News We Can Lamely Shoehorn Into a Plug for Chevrolets
Newsreel stories are used to sell Chevrolets. Thats right, every story in this newsreel, from a giant dam-building project to ladies hairstyles is somehow lamely tied to Chevrolets. There are a lot of these to come, folks, though, so lets get going. This one features the aforementioned dam project, ice-boat racing, a new kind of gas gauge, the latest hairstyles for upper class ladies, and a little girl stuffing a dog into a glove compartment, in what is probably the silliest and strangest story. These are all breezily and bombastically narrated, so the thing really moves. Mildly amusing.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: ****. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: ****. Overall Rating: ***.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - March 6, 2003
Subject: Dams! I Dirigibles! Devices! Derbys! Dames! Dogs!
Well, this is the first of many many Chevrolet Leader News pieces I'm going to see.
1st news clip features the building of the Colorado dam. It's quite an impressive dam, lots of heavy dirt being carted away on... Chevrolet Vehicles!
2nd news clip offers a race between an ice boat and a... Chevrolet Vehicle! Guess who wins?
3rd News Clip offers a great new device: Hang what appears to be a bug light on your rear view mirror of your... Chevrolet Vehicle! and keep track of your gas mileage! Gee, how exciting!
4th clip details the great american Soap Box Derby and the preparations the competitors go through.. Sponsored by.... Chevrolet Vehicles!
5th offers the latest up to the date hairdos for the fashionable woman. I sorta liked the Merry Widow one. The models then all leave in a... Chevrolet Vehicle! (cheap process shot alert!)
And finally 6th features nothing but a dog being stuffed into the glove compartment of a.. Chevrolet Vehicle! Why? Who knows.
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